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I succeeded in it, and if you want, you'll be successful, too! It won't hurt me if I share this secret with you, while it will help some of you to change your life for good and finally become financially free.
First, a couple of words about myself. My name is Shalini Ahuja. I'm 26, I live in Mumbai, and I'm just an ordinary girl from a family, which cannot by any means be called 'well-off'. I was born to middle-aged parents. My Mom was a nurse at a clinic, while my Dad was a construction worker.
When I was little, all I remember was that my parents made every effort to buy the cheapest food and clothes possible. If they were lucky enough, they would save up a bit for vacation or to send me to our relatives. We even could tour Europe once in 3 or 4 years.
Once I graduated from Higher Secondary, I didn't even think about going to university, as I needed to raise money for my parents (already retired) and myself.
So I found a job instead, worked as a sales assistant, with a monthly salary around Rs. 8,000. It was 2008, and this was quite a good starting salary for Mumbai.
I made enough money for living, but I had a dream, which was to buy a brand new Mercedes Benz. I knew it was extemely expensive and I'd have to save up for years. However, this was fine with me. After all, it was a dream, and you just can't make your dream come true in a day or two. Well, this is what I thought at the time...
I was really depressed at my financial situation then, prices were starting to increase due to inflation and living in Mumbai became more difficult. People were upset but I knew I had to carry on working...
However, 3 more months passed, and the children`s wear shop where I worked turned bankrupt, so here I was, with no job or income sources at all, having to live on my parents' retirement benefits.
These were actually joyless times. I was looking desperately for any possible job opportunity on the Internet, but after nearly two months, there were no results at all.
Another two weeks passed, and I was about to abandon all hope, when suddenly I came across a web page. This was a story about a guy who had earned Rs. 600,000 on the net, in front of his computer, without even leaving the house he lived in!
He said he had traded binary options via 
  Davunlod ........

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