PM Kisan Samman scheme "5 crore "farmers' names were dropped from

PM Kisan Samman scheme "5 crore " farmers names were dropped from 

    Every year, the government gives six thousand rupees directly to their account, six thousand two-two thousand in three installments.

    According to the website, 5 crore farmers' names have been removed from the list of beneficiaries. If you go to's website and see the number of beneficiaries, you can see the official figure. The Kisan website page was last updated on October 3, 2019. During the first installment, 6 crore 76 lakh 48 thousand 485 beneficiaries have been shown. The first installment was given on December 1, 2018. At the second installment this number decreases. One million farmers are shrinking. According to the website notification, the number of beneficiaries of the second installment is 5 crore 14 lakh 802. As of the third installment, there are 1 crore 74 lakh 20 thousand 230. Thus, the number of beneficiary farmers continued to decline. By the third installment, more than 5 million farmers have been reduced.

   No one knows if the names in the Aadhaar card are not being matched, where in the first and second installments farmers have been given money on the basis. Shouldn't the money be refunded if it was given in error? There was a seven-month period between the two installments. Suddenly, when the election is over, directly five million farmers are reduced. What if 13 thousand crore rupees were given to the wrong people, or the farmers were kicked out after the election was over? The total number of beneficiaries in Gujarat was 45 lakh 33 thousand 136.

Screen shot of a message sent to farmers by the government

    Whatever name of the farmers has been removed from the beneficiary list, most of the farmers have received the same message that your account could not be deposited as your name does not match the name available in the application and the basis. The first installment was offered between December 1, 2018 to 31.2.2019. The election was going on at that time. So money was being paid quickly. 2000 rupees went to everyone's accounts. After that the second installment went to Rs 2000, but the third installment is more than half a half farmer's name is a big question of how the sudden difference.

   The first installment was 44 lakh 48 thousand 270 people. The second installment received 34 lakh 89 thousand and 626 people. The third installment was only 14 lakh eight thousand 433 people. Thus after the first installment 9 lakh 58 thousand 644 farmer beneficiaries were reduced. After the second installment, 14 lakh 81 thousand 193 peasant beneficiaries were reduced. Thus, by the third installment of 45 lakh 33 thousand 136 farmer beneficiaries, 31 lakh 24 thousand 703 farmers were reduced.

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