Thursday, 24 October 2019

Learn how to make ONLINE VERIFY PAN CARD , PAN CARD your is fake?

Learn how to make ONLINE VERIFY PAN CARD ,  PAN CARD your is fake? 

     PAN CARD is used as ID proof in the country and PAN card is required for opening a new bank account, opening a demat account and mutual fund etc. The PAN card is announced by the Income Tax Department and is a 10-digit alphanumeric ID card. It is mandatory to have a PAN card, especially during recruitment.

    However, creating a fake PAN card in the midst of rising fraud in the country also poses a threat. PAN cards are used in bank accounts. It is also important to check if the PAN card is fake. It can be said that the authenticity of the

    PAN card can be easily checked online. That is why people have to go to the income tax department e-filing portal. After going to the e-filing portal of the Aiker section, you will have to click on the link for 'Verify your page details'. After clicking, users will have to give details of PAN card details such as PAN number, full name of PAN holder, date of birth.

     After filling in this information a message will appear on the portal whether the information provided matches the PAN card. This way you can easily find the PAN card truth information. Many organizations, such as banks and other government institutions, can also check the authenticity of multiple PAN cards simultaneously.

     That is why banks and government entities will have to register themselves on the e-filing portal as Bulk PAN Verification Agency. The authenticity of the PAN card can then be examined.
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