Friday, 4 October 2019

Chandrayaan-2: Big success for Orbiter, ISRO will hit the world

Chandrayaan-2: Big success for Orbiter,ISRO will hit the world

    While ISRO is still trying to contact Vikram Lander, who has a hard landing on the surface of the moon, this has been a big news for Chandrayan Mishm.

     The camera in Chandrayaan-2's orbiter has sent clear photos of the moon. ISRO has shared photos taken with Chandrayaan 2's orbiter's high resolution camera. In the photo taken by a high resolution camera, the shapes, such as the small, large pit located on the surface of the moon, can be clearly seen.

     It may be recalled that NASA's Moon Orbiter had earlier taken photos of the Moon in the US space agency, where Chandrayaan-2's "record lander" failed to make a soft landing.
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