The central government has imposed fines in violation of traffic rules.

The central government has imposed fines in violation of traffic rules.

In our country, the laws of the country are now being implemented by every one of them and the people of Gujarat should be treated as law by the people. The law has to be the same as it is today

    The central government has imposed fines in violation of traffic rules. Across the country, the fine has come to a halt. Then the rules of traffic penalties announced by the central government in Gujarat may be announced on Tuesday. So the government is also planning to provide some relief. But the rules in which the Gujarati will be relieved will be known only on Tuesday

     Yesterday, the Gujarat government announced new traffic rules and fines. On this, the Chief Minister organized a new press conference and announced new rules. In which, the drivers of Gujarat are likely to get penalties. It may be recalled that the high level meeting held at the CM House on the new Motor Vehicle Act was pending and the meeting to be adjourned thereafter.

   Then an elder in Rajkot followed the law by wearing a headgear instead of a helmet, and protested in a unique way.

      So the Gujarat government is also planning to provide relief to the common people against the Msmota penalty. In addition to announcing the traffic penalty, the government may also announce the interim fees. That is, both sides will announce the rates of fees to be paid by the traffic police and the driver with the consent of the site. The state government, however, cannot make any changes to the penal provisions made in the Central Motor Vehicles Act. However, there will be a slight relief in the penalties for non-compliance with documents like RC Book, PUC Certificate. Things like helmets, seat belts will not provide much relief.

      With the new age, our affordability has also increased. Today everyone has got a vehicle. But with the increase of this facility, it also leads to loss. Following this, new rto rules have come into force in Gujarat. The rules are as follows. According to the new RTO rule, your vehicle must be given only to those who have a driving license. Who does not have a driving license Don't give it up. If caught without a driving license, the car owner will be fined 10 days, and 2000 fine. You have to pay a fine of Rs 1000 on a car without having to wear a seat belt. The penalties for each of the offenses will be increased by 10 percent per year. The penalty for driving while talking on mobile is Rs. 1000 has been increased from Rs. 5000 to Rs. Be careful if you have given a digital memo to the driver of the BRTS route in Ahmedabad. In a road accident, the driver has to suffer a seven-year sentence instead of two years. If caught with a minor vehicle, his Guardian could face a fine of up to Rs 25,000 and a sentence of up to three years. A bike without a helmet has to pay a fine of Rs 1000. In the hit and run case, the penalty amount has been increased from Rs 25,000 to Rs 2 lakh. Driving license; Rcbook; Insurance papers; PUC You will certainly hear the new rule announced by the government of the individual regarding the papers and etc. and forward it. If you liked this post, please share it .You can share this website and support us in your WhatsApp group, Facebook.

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