South actress Vidisha Srivastava's makavi ghuma in bikini

 South actress Vidisha Srivastava's makavi ghuma in bikini

      The film world has changed a lot today with the look and dress of Bollywood stars. Many actresses are often sharing their hot photos to be discussed in social media. Today, however, we are talking about not just Bollywood but Bollywood actress.

     As you can tell, there is an actress in the South movie who casts her drug addiction, whose users are eagerly waiting to see her photo.

     We are talking about Vidisha Srivastava, an idol of simplicity and beauty in the South. Vidisha is often sharing photos of herself in bold outfits.

     South actress Vidisha has become very famous with her photo. Vidisha also made the small screen debut by Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbate. In this serial she played the role of a young girl named Roshni. Vidisha is quite bold in real life, as seen in the South's films and TV serials.

      You can always see Vidisha in bold estimation on her social media account, where she keeps sharing photos of herself. Vidisha, a modeling 18-year-old, became interested in acting, after which she started working for films.

     It may be recalled that Vidisha started her career with the Telugu film 'Abhimani' in 2005. After which he has become a successful actress of South films.

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