SBI ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit: Know this rule before using debit card

SBI ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit: Know this rule before using debit card

   State Bank of India: SBI, the country's largest government bank, offers different debit cards to suit the needs of consumers. However, all these bank cards have fixed a cash withdrawal limit at the ATM in one day.

     SBI offers its customers free transaction at ATMs 8 to 10 times a month. But after this limit, how much is a consumer charged when making a transaction? In addition, the bank will also be charged for cardless cash withdrawal at ATMs from October 2019 and due to the lack of balance in the account, the transaction will not take place. If you also use any of these debit cards, know these rules.

     SBI Classic and Maestro Debit Cards: This is the bank's most popular ATM debit card. Atm Withdrawal Limit is a minimum of Rs 100. While the maximum is Rs 20,000.

    SBI Global International Debit Card: This SBI debit card allows you to access any account. There is also an ATM withdrawal limit of at least 100 rupees. While the maximum limit is Rs 40,000.

     SBI Gold International Debit Card: This debit card can be used to purchase online payments and cash withdrawals worldwide, including India. One day you can withdraw a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 50,000 rupees in this card.

     SBI Platinum International Debit Card: With this State Bank of India debit card, users can withdraw cash along with online payment outside India and the country. Minimum ATM Withdrawal Limit This card is Rs 100. While the maximum limit is one lakh rupees.

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