PM Modi eats a meal on his birthday with the blessings of mother Hiraba

PM Modi eats a meal on his birthday with the blessings of mother Hiraba

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his birthday in Gujarat. Yesterday, September 17 is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday. Then PM Modi took the blessings of Mother Hiraba at Raisan position of residence. PM Modi had lunch with Mother Hiraba.

•Prime Minister Narendra Modi took 

•Mother Hiraba's blessing PM Modi takes 

•the blessings of Mother Hiraba Had lunch 

•with the mother in a bronze plate PM Modi 
•visits Narmada Cavidia Colony PM Modi 

•addresses a public meeting in Narmada

PM Modi did not forget to take his blessings before doing any major work. Modi did not seek Maa's blessing on his birthday and before the election.

Earlier, PM Modi had visited Sardar Sarovar Dam this morning. Where PM Modi performed the worship. Where PM Modi inspected Safari Park early in the morning. Also worshiped at Garudeshwar Dutt Temple. PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Narmada PM Modi addressed a public meeting in Narmada. PM Narendra Modi started addressing PM Narendra Modi with Narmada Sarbana Nara. How do you say PM? Today in Gujarat, it seems overwhelming. 

      PM Modi said that there is water lake behind and Janasagar next. PM Modi visits Garudeshwar Dutt Temple PM Narendra Modi arrived at the temple to worship at Garudeshwar Dutt Temple. The Dutt Temple is situated on the banks of the Narmada river. PM Modi worshiped at the temple of Garudeshwar Dutt. Even when PM Modi was CM earlier, Dutt used to visit the temple. PM Modi then visited the Children's House. PM Modi inspects river rafting project Today is the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At present PM Modi is visiting Gujarat. On the other hand, the Narmada Dam is also full. Early in the morning, PM Modi arrived at Cavadia Colony. Where PM Modi was welcomed. Since then PM Modi has witnessed various projects. Even PM Modi saw river rafting. PM Modi inspects Safari Park. 

     This time the Governor, CM Vijay Rupani, Day. CM Nitin Patel was present. PM Narendra Modi flies butterflies to Cactus Garden Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Narmada. In the meantime he visited the jungle, safari, butterfly garden and cactus garden. He found information in a jungle safari. Later on in the Cactus Garden came to know about all kinds of cactus. But then PM Modi flies the butterflies in the Butterfly Garden

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