Now get 50 liters of petrol-diesel every year for free

Now get 50 liters of petrol-diesel every year for free

So the prices of petrol and diesel in India are increasing daily but what if you were given 50 liters of petrol-diesel for free? This news is true. HDFC Bank (HDFC) has launched a special card, giving customers 50 liters of petrol-diesel for free.

      HDFC Bank in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has launched a new credit card. This particular card is called 'Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card'. The card will provide consumers with some benefits and rewards on purchasing oil.

This way the benefits will get

    Through the card, customers can get reward points called 'Full Points' at over 27,000 IOCL outlets. Not only this, the consumer can earn Fool Point at other expenses like grocery, bill payment and shopping. Consumers will benefit greatly from this point as they can be redeemed for up to 50 liters of fuel annually. So you get 50 liters of petrol or diesel free.

 Here's how to apply

      If you are also planning to purchase Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can apply for it by visiting HDFC Bank's website ( or by going to the nearest branch.

     This is the condition However, the benefit will be available only to non-metro city and town customers and the annual cost of the card is Rs 500. On the other hand, if one spends Rs 50,000 a year, he will not even have to pay this annual fee. Available both on card and in Visa platform.

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