Bigg Boss 13: Highest amount paid to the original Gujarati actress! With a boyfriend in the show

Bigg Boss 13: Highest amount paid to the original Gujarati actress! " Rashmi Desai "

       Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13 is set to launch tonight. Actress Rashmi Desai is coming out as the most expensive contestant on the show. According to media reports, Rashmi has been given Rs 1.2 crore as a signing amount for the show.

   Rashmi is believed to be one of the contestants of the season, the highest paid. Rashmi, who started her career with Bhojpuri films, was last seen in the "Dil Se Dil Tak" serial. 

     The original Gujarati Rashmi Desai was born in Assam. Rashmi's real name is Divya, but he chose his own Rashmi name to enter the entertainment world.

   Rashmi started his acting career with Bhojpuri films. He has acted in one of the hit Bhojpuri films.

     Rashmi, however, has gained prominence through the "landing" serial. In which Rashmi played the girl named Tappu, which is still remembered by people today. Despite earning a name in the serials, 

       Rashmin remains fascinated with Bhojpuri films. Rashmi is still working on Bhojpuri projects. Every single season of Bigg Boss has a competitor in the entertainment world of Bhojpuri. This time Shauna Makers opted for Rashmi

    Earlier, there were reports that Rashmi was to marry Arhan at the Bigg Boss house. However, now Rashmi has denied this.


      Bigg Boss Season 13, the controversial reality TV Show, hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will premiere on September 29, Sunday. The makers have made it clear that 
       Bigg Boss Season 13 will see some major twists and will leave contestants puzzled and the viewers, thrilled. Ahead of Bigg Boss season 13's premiere, various reports, rumours and speculations have been flying wild in the media as well as social media.

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